We specialize in Electronic Music so do NOT send us: pop, country, jazz, classical, RnB, house, rap, rock and such.
We can't do anything with it so please don't waste our time and your money by sending us anything other than instrumental Electronic Music.

Look on our 'groove products' webpage to see which artists are on our label and listen to some sound clips. This will give you a general idea in what we're interested.

Secondly: Don't ask us to go to a website to listen to your music.
We wont, we don't have the time.

Thirdly, don't send us MP3's, WAV's or any other Email attachments. They will be automatically trashed.

Okay, so you still want to send us a demo?
Well, that's fine, but there are a number of things you need to know before you do decide to send us your music.

  • The music industry is a VERY difficult and fickle business. If you think you're gonna "Make it rich" or you're gonna "Be a star", then forget it - don't contact us.

  • We're only interested in musicians who are passionate about their music and who are in the business of making music for "The long haul", because, believe this......" There is NO short road to success!"

  • Artists must be prepared to work with us, to accept that we are in charge of the music, the artwork, even probably their image. The artist must accept that they will be assigning the rights of their music and the publishing rights to us. But if we come to terms then the deal we offer is a good and fair one otherwise we wouldn't have that many artists on our label.

  • Artists who stay with Groove Unlimited help us get the music "out there", because Groove Unlimited is an artist run label that has no room whatsoever for artist egos or tantrums, or musicians with attitude. Everyone is treated the same here - no huge advances (so forget the big car), no star billing - just the making of good music. Everything that goes out on the label reflects on everyone with the label. It's sort of a family, a co-operative. It may be business, but it's a personal business.

  • The rewards are being with a respected and established label that will do their utmost to get your music heard. And a label that, with a bit of luck, can yield some financial rewards.

So, if you send us your demo it will be listened to critically by a number of people to see if it fits within the Groove Unlimited label. And even after that, there are still many factors that will need to come together before we decide to put the album out.

If you decide to send us your demo CD, please include (if possible) a biography, some pics, full contact details plus (important!) your Email address.

We don't return demos!
If the music is not what we want then the cd will be destroyed.

If you still want to send us your demo CD then here's the address:
Groove Unlimited
Ron Boots
Helmkruid 28
5684 HN Best
The Netherlands

Two last things:
1) We get a *lot* of music so don't expect to get an answer immediately. It may take months before we have time to listen to your music.
2) If we're interested we will contact you.