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Hi All

Electronic Circus Festival 2019.

Yesterday we had the annual EC, and it looks as well visited as always.
Some great concerts (did catch the first 4 Acts in parts).

Did not see Quaeschning meets Frick, the time table had already overdrawn by
more then an hour and this meant that they would start around 23.00 or past that!!
To late for an old man like me! Sad that the Timetable was almost 2 hours overdrawn!

Martin Stürtzer was very good from what I heard, and we brought back
an Ambient CD by this musician.  Many would have lover this set!

Ströme: Mario Schönhofer und Tobias Weber.
Very very loud, I tried to stay in from the start but I did not want to get
a hearing aid so soon in my life, the music was very cool, fat sequencing and sounds
but the audio level was really to high for me!! Listen down stairs for some time.

Schwarz - (Roland Meyer de Voltaires )
I only saw the last 15 minutes but this was very good, loved every second although the
end encore with just guitar and vocal reminded me more of Neil Young (big Fan!!)
then our Electronic Music. It was very cool!!

RSFP (Rui Santana & Filipe Pilar).
I like what i got from it from a distance, with this case it is always ti contacts or the
concert and I might have made the wrong choice!

Hats of to the EC team, nice new venue and very different then normal line up!
Glad the explore these boundaries of our scene and beyond! 

Next stop is E-Live 2019 on the 26th of October in the Enck !!
Check out the Artist pages if you want to know all the info:

We brought 3 new releases from this years EC.
So now in stock:
Thorsten Quaeschning + Paul Frick - SEASIDE STAGE SESSION (cd) 82551

Very Berlin School and a great live set.

Sphäre Sechs - TRANSIENT LUNAR PHENOMENON (cd) 67860

The fourth Sphäre Sechs album was recorded during improvised studio
sessions. Using a selected set of analog instruments Christian
Stritzel and Martin Stürtzer have put together a mystic, slowly
evolving ambient sound. A warm cocoon in cold space longing for the
enigmas of the solar system and beyond.

Transient Lunar Phenomena are changes in appearance on the lunar
surface of unknown origin. Light signals and color changes have been
observed since the 6th century. The lunar events were officially
cataloged in NASA technical report TR R-277 in 1968.

Like drifting through deep space, “Transient Lunar Phenomenon” sets
you on a path of the unknown, where the far reaches of other worlds no
longer seem so distant! With the use of analog equipment, these heavy,
drawn-out drones are timeless and thought provoking. Well done to
Sphäre Sechs for another spectacular album!!

Loreau, Bertrand - ETERNAL SORROWS (cd) 66839

In 1981 not many synthesizers existed at that time, as well not many
artists of electronic music have been become famous. Besides Jarre and
Vangelis Schulze and Tangerine Dream have been the very few who were
well known.

At this time Bertrand Loreau already composed his first works seeing
himself only as a simple amateur trying to imitate Klaus Schulze who
was major influence. With synthesizers like the Multiman S and the
Korg MS 20, Bertrand created sounds that still have their attraction
today. Despite some little sound restrictions at some points (the
cassette recordings have been done with an ordinary tape equipment),
the music is still touching, as Bertrand is realizing 28 years later.
The topic of the CD is Endless Sorrows. Feelings that are regarded as
a burden without end.

Sometimes electronic music is able to describe such kind of emotions
of misery much better than words can describe. It can be a relief for
the artist and for the listener to see difficult emotions expressed in
music. These analog sounds in the Klaus Schulze style are excellent
for fans of the cosmic psychedelic style of the 70s.

Sad news from our colleague festival!!

Cancellation of the B-Wave Festival 2019

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the cancellation of
the B-Wave Festival 2019.
This due to very low (slow?) ticket sales. I (Johan) had to make the
painful decision since I could not guarantee to make the festival
financial sustainable. I don’t want to make any profit out of it, but
I also don’t want to have a financial loss either.

THANKS A LOT to everyone who already bought tickets !!!
Your spent money will be refunded by the Eventix ticketing system.
Please be patient.

It is also clear that organizing a quality, non commercial festival is
very hard to do.
I will see how the festival can continue to exist and in what form.
Thanks also to everyone who shared the event on Facebook, forum or
promoted it another way !

Take care, all the best,

Johan Geens

(Addendum from Ron.)

I know how it feels and I can only feel for Johan who has done so
much for the EM in Belgium! Lets hope he can restart it soon.!!
And once again a sign that we as organizers do need at least
some pre ticket sales to go ahead.
Organizing a festival cost money of course!!
And to make these festivals happen the organization needs at least some
financial backing in pre-orders! Why?

The prepayment for acts who usually want to have a 50/80 % up front payment
of their fee, and  they want it at least 30 days before the event.
Also possibly hotel costs and Flight tickets need to be pre booked and paid!!

This is very difficult for smaller festivals to realize when the ticket sale
are low.  I've seen it all before, and at most E-Live / E-Day festivals, money has to be
put in a festival before any ticket sales are in!! 
One speaks at this kind of festivals of amounts of 5000/6000 euros in total costs!
And with more famous acts in the 10,000+ amounts!!

Organizers like EC or Johan Geens with B-Wave have to pay this
out of their own pockets!! And then, if to few tickets are sold have to bear the loss
themselves !! I can understand them fully that after a certain go/no go date
they have to cancel when tickets sales are really to low!
You can not have these kind of losses when you have to finance it your self.
But if these festivals die out, I am sure the scene will lose a part of its magic!


CONCERT 23-11 Planetarium Munster!
Electronic Music 4
Live concerts with Ron Boots and moonbooter

Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 19:30
in the planetarium in the LWL Museum of Natural History in Münster
Sentruper Str. 285 | 48161 Münster
Tickets at: 0251 591 6050
Prices: 19 € (16 € reduced)
further information mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
MellowJet Records: www.mellowjet.de

"German TXT "
Electronic Music 4

Livekonzerte mit Ron Boots und moonbooter
am Samstag, 23. November 2019 um 19:30
im Planetarium im LWL-Museum für Naturkunde in Münster
Sentruper Str. 285 | 48161 Münster
Tickets unter: 0251 591 6050
Preise: 19€ (16€ ermäßigt)

weitere Informationen folgen
MellowJet-Records: www.mellowjet.de

Bernd made a great poster that  you can download :-)


These products are NEW in our catalog.
Further in this newsletter are more details.

Awenson - Within (cd)
Dreamerproject - Beyond Dreams (cd)
Bertrand Loreau - Eternal Sorrows (cd)
Ken Martin - Electra (cdr)
Ken Martin - Mission Encounter (cdr)
Ken Martin - Shadow Light (cdr)
Peter Challoner - Livescapes_6 Single Point Source (digipak) (cdr)
Sphäre Sechs - Transient Lunar Phenomenon (digipak) (cd)
SpiralDreams - Angel Wings (cdr)
Thorsten Quaeschning + Paul Frick - Seaside Stage Session (cardboard sleeve) (cd)
V/A - Tone Science Module No.3 Cosines and Tangents (digipak) (cd)
David Wright - Dissimilar Views - Remastered (cd)

Thanks for your time.

Ron Boots
Concerts and Festivals
And in 4 weeks on the 26th of October we have :
So we hope to see many of you there!

" E-Live 2019 "
Check out the Artist pages if you want to know all the info:

Ian Boddy
Rob Papen
Broekhuis, Keller en Schönwälder

And we have made a new Facebook page for E-Live in general and a new event page!!
Have a look and like us!
E-Live page.

E-live 2019 - Event page

We hope to see many on the 26th of October!
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======= Reviews ======
86300 Schulze, Klaus - Silhouettes

Ah, that good old Klaus Schulze! Some 40 years after his majestic X,
the maestro of EM comes back for another lap. We've been waiting for
this “Silhouettes” since 2 or 3 years, but the fans of the living
legend have rather contented themselves with a few reissues of the
Contemporary Works series, an official bootleg of a sound quality
below the average (Stars are Burning) and a double album highlighting
Schulze's 70th birthday with only two unreleased tracks (Eternal - The
70th Birthday). A little more and it smelled the commercialism of
Tangerine Dream! But back to this “Silhouettes” which is not so much
bad than that, unlike the vast majority of critics and observers of
this musical genre. This last Schulze is very quiet. Quiet, but not
superficial. We are dealing with a 70-year-old man who responds to an
increasingly urgent request from his fans. And that's on this angle
that I analyzed “Silhouettes”. I imagined a Schulze, worn by years a n
d thousands of cigarettes, sitting behind his instruments and his
console trying to offer an album that would go in the same direction
as Shadowlands. It's close enough. But forget the drums, the
adrenaline rush of the sequencer and even less the synth solos.
“Silhouettes” is as beautiful as we can expect from a man of this age,
even with his background and his immense skill. It's a calm album that
is made in a relative peace of mind and which places exactly there
where the maestro of EM must be a few years from a definitive retirement.
The effects of misty hoops which bang together and of waves with rough
contours open the title-track. Layers of absent voices and synthesizer
zests a little odd bring a sibylline depth to an introduction which
eats the first 9 minutes of “Silhouettes”. Shadows of bass and
intensity variances in the play of the layers try to infuse a rhythmic
presence which evaporates rather quickly in this magma of waves and of
stationary shadows. For a bit, and I would feel to be in the land of
In Blue. Except that nothing comes out! Klaus seems to me alone in his
apartments trying to create something, but everything seems to go
around in circles ... Except that even a Schulze that goes round in
circles can become captivating for the nostalgic essence. After a more
intense passage in the crunching of the layers forged in aluminum,
"Silhouettes" takes refuge beneath a bench of celestial songs. Prelude
at a pace just as much static with a slow transition. An ambient
rhythm where the sequencer multiplies its chords which roll like a
nice waterfall and its jets of harmonious water. As the first original
piece since the beautiful Shadowlands, I remain on my appetite. And
it's a little, very much even, the observation after several
listenings of this album. Not that it's not good, but it lacks life.
And it's exactly this image that I have of the Maestro that exempts me
to write a bad criticism for what possibly be the last album of Klaus
Schulz e . A rough statement of course, but this album has been
postponed so many times and the main explanations concerned Klaus'
health issues. Hearsay denied by MIG offices. And each time, the some
few information evoked reasons of health. Some spoke of cancer, others
of severe back pain, while some said that Klaus Schulze was aging
rather badly. And on the management side, it was the most complete
silence. Nada! Just rumors! But let's go back to the music.
"Der Lange Blick Zurück" is a bit like the introductory title with a
long intro blown in an approach where the enigmatic side flirts with a
dreamlike vision. A chorus drawn from the skill of both entities
overflies this lyrical opening where lays down also a thick cloud of
layers weaved into white noises. A rhythmic structure hatches some 8
minutes later. Electronic castanets get infiltrate under this huge
stratum of voices and of synth layers, drawing a spheroidal approach
knotted of good percussive effects and loops formed of sta tic noises.
The bass drum adds a little dance effect. But that dance happens
between our both ears! And like the title track, "Der Lange Blick
Zurück" takes refuge in a final as obscure as its introduction. "Quae
Simplex" is really in pure Schulze mold, without the solos. The rhythm
catches our ears from the start with a sequencer which makes
shimmering its chords and whose harmonic loops take refuge in
infinity. The structure goes up and down with its swarm of sequences
which swirl delicately on the spot and unties fine spasmodic
filaments. A real drum sounds a new rhythmic charge around the 7th
minute, I love here the floating and anesthetic layers which try to
plant an ambiospheric phase, bringing "Quae Simplex" in the
territories of pure Schulze on drums and in the years 76 to 79 A big
piece on this album! "Châteaux Faits De Vent" finishes this last opus
of Klaus Schulze with an introduction as ambient, but warmer, than the
first 2 titles. The sequencer comes early enough, arou n d the 90
seconds, to make kicks which roll gently on fragile ground. The synth
and the bass pads add a touch as melancholy as in the nice Schulze
years while the whole inherits of this metallic tone proper to the
more contemporary years. The transitions are smooth, one speaks of the
percussions here which get in around the 7th minute and a strong
intensity which gradually sticks to its crescendo. Another good track
in “Silhouettes”.
Beautiful! A bit of lengths, but isn't it the signature of the master?
In the end and after several listenings, “Silhouettes”. doesn’t
deserve the severe reception of the critics. We expected more, and
with good reason. But we forget that Klaus Schulze is 70 years old.
And as far as I'm concerned, I prefer an older musician who accepts
this reality that another who does unrealistic stuff for his age, thus
seeking the big critic more focused on the needs of the press than on
the reality. We would like more solos, more rhythms? Me too, but it
doesn't m ean that “Silhouettes” has no depth. It portrays the most
accurately possible the state of mind of a composer on his decline and
who describes it beautifully.
Sylvain Lupari (August 1st, 2018)

Additions and changes from September 8 2019 till September 29 2019

*(back) in stock *
2008. This book hails Schulze as the most important electronic musician ever and lays out the case for that lofty status..
$ 43.75 / UKP 30.75 / EURO 34.95
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=56170

*new in stock *
Ansatheus - IN THE ENDLESS SPACE PARADISE VOL 1 (cdr) 20045
2019. Berlin School from the 80's with melodies in the Style of TD.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=20045

*new entry / released *
Awenson - WITHIN (cd) gr-278
'Within' is a very presonal release for Awenson.
Beautifull crafted Berlin School tracks that remind us of the late 70's and begin 80's.
A wonderful release..
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-278

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Dreamerproject - BEYOND DREAMS (cd) 19973
$ 17.49 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=19973

*released *
Ellis, Paul - INTERSTELLAR-NATARAJA (cd) gr-277
2019. A new Paul Ellis is always great but this album is among his strongest.
One long piece full of Sequences and warm ambient fields. Just Great!!.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=gr-277

*new in stock *
Lensflare - KYRIE ELEISON (cdr) 10503
2018. Space music at its best.
$ 17.25 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.75
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=10503

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Loreau, Bertrand - ETERNAL SORROWS (cd) 66839
2019. The new CD by Bertrand Loreau is a delight for fans of vintage sound of the seventies..
$ 18.25 / UKP 12.75 / EURO 14.50
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=66839

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Peter Challoner - LIVESCAPES_6 SINGLE POINT SOURCE (cdr) 28087
2019. Warm ambient synth music !.
$ 17.49 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=28087

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Sphäre Sechs - TRANSIENT LUNAR PHENOMENON (cd) 67860
2019. Cool space music..
$ 17.49 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=67860

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Thorsten Quaeschning + Paul Frick - SEASIDE STAGE SESSION (cd) 82551
2019. Liveset of the Superbooth Festival Berlin 09.05.2019..
$ 19.99 / UKP 13.99 / EURO 15.90
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=82551

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
2019. Part 3 of this unique series!!.
$ 18.25 / UKP 12.75 / EURO 14.50
Details/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=23781

*new entry / track listing and cover added *
Wright, David - DISSIMILAR VIEWS - REMASTERED (cd) 72043
$ 17.49 / UKP 12.25 / EURO 13.90
Details/soundclips/ordering: http://www.groove.nl/jump2.php?artnum=72043

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I am glad we are one of the few suppliers of EM that did not have to raise
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