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This is our very first attempt to send an E-News to you through mailchimp.
At this stage more then 300 followers of E-News joined in the new Mailchimp way of communication.

This mailing gives me more possibilities to make the content interesting.
Covers and pictures can now be added to the txt's.  So any suggestions on how to improve on the way we send out this new form of E-News is always appreciated!

For this first mail (Sunday there will be a regular Yahoo mail !!) through mailchimp.
I hope you like what you get! 

Thanks for all who joined me!!
Ron Boots
GR-299 - & Ron Boots

This is our second album together and just like our first album from 2010 called ‘Refuge en Verre’ we recorded this music during a family holiday. This time we spend a whole week with our families in Bork Havn in Denmark. During the day we spend time with our families and in the evening we improvised in the temporary studio we build in a corner of the holiday house. We didn’t really prepare anything in advance so all music was recorded from live improvisation sessions during that week.
The music was recorded in 2012, but due to personal circumstances we didn’t get around to finishing the album. But we both still had the desire to release it because we think the music we created there was special. So in 2020 we listened to the music again and selected the pieces we liked the most and decided we had to release it for you to enjoy. We both (Michel a bit more then me (Ron) started working individually on the tracks in our own studios and in the end we worked in Ron’s studio to finalize the end mix and the mastering.

The album again is a symbol of our friendship. We met in 2006 during a Synthesizer Meeting organized by the Dutch ‘Synth Forum’ were we started talking about synthesizers and found out we shared the same fascinations. As a result Michel signed up as Synth.NL in 2007 with Groove Unlimited. We became good friends after that, and we visit each other on a regular basis. Not only to for music but also to enjoy a good meal or just a good talk.

The album is called ‘BorkHavn‘ simply because that is were the music was recorded. The tracks were inspired by the events we experienced during the day. Sometimes it was the beautiful nature we enjoyed sometimes just the feeling of the moment.

We hope you will enjoy this album. At least we had a great time creating the music and working on this album 8 years after recording it. It brought back good memories and only made our friendship stronger.
This album was released by Groove Unlimited in 2020 in the year we had no E-live festival unfortunately due to the Corona virus. We would like to dedicate this album to all the victims of this nasty pandemic. At this time we hope it will go away soon so everything can get back to normal.
Ron Boots & Michel van Osenbruggen

Price:  $17.25 | £12.25 | €13.75
GR-298 - Eloy Fritsch - Cosmic Light

Eloy Fritsch performs an electronic music that evolves between Vangelis´ ambient & impressionist electronic, Jarre's melodic wonderful sequencer driven songs, Krafwerk's inventive songs and the synthesised Progressive rock of masters such as Rick Wakeman.
Nevertheless, Fritsch has found his own style within melodic Electronic Music framework. The compositions are very melodic and emotive, with multi-layered instrumental textures/voicings.

Price:  $17.25 | £12.25 | €13.75
GR-300 - Powerful Waves - James Clent  (CD)

The follow up of his great debut album Windows in the Sky. Again
powerful songs with guitar and soaring Sequencing and great melodies!

Price:  $17.25 | £12.25 | €13.75
GR-297 - Anantayamo - Bertrand Loreau + Frederic Gerchambeau (CD)

This is part 2 of their journey toghether. 2 Pieces of great Berlin
School ! So we find brilliant Berlin School music here.
Frédéric Gerchambeau and Bertrand Loreau are two prominent (and
current) members of a genre called Berlin School, which, since its
birth in the late sixties, has spread throughout Europe - and
elsewhere - and still offers us great reminders and nods to what we
were already able to do with synths, well before the era of
all-digital. If this "school" - it is more discreet in this
millennium, and if its teachers and students have grown - some have
died, like Edgar Froese - the "hard-liners" who perpetuate gender and
analogy against the winds and (raz-de) tides (those of electronica,
techno, etc.) are also able to renew it. And, we hope to reach a new
audience that was not even born in the early days of analog synths ...

Price:  $17.25 | £12.25 | €13.75
GR10003 - Néphélomancie - Age  (cdr)

Clouds are sometimes white, sometimes peaceful, sometimes dark,
sometimes threatening. Like storm castles they draw a flamboyant
sunset or diaphanous filaments drifting very high. How can we not see
them as visible evocations of our moods? How can we not find there a
resonance of our emotions? And search a sign of what tomorrow will be?
Nephelomancy is about the inspection of clouds as a way to divination.

The music evokes the ever-changing aspects of the sky. During a long
non-stop journey it takes you ever higher, to the confines of the
atmosphere, where the last clouds, the cirrus clouds, formed of ice
crystals, drift peacefully in the purest lights.

Price:  $17.25 | £12.25 | €13.75
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